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Posted date: 8 Nov 2011

Knitted Teddy Bears

From Paul Gask, our city co-ordinator in Leicester

"I wanted to share this wonderful story with you which shows just how our God works;

On Saturday 5th November just gone I was asked to speak at the Leicester Diocese Mother's Union day where I gave my testimony and gave them an insight into my men's ministry and my desire to win men for Christ.

As I am very much a "bloke's bloke" I normally speak solely to blokes so to be confronted by 100 or so women I thought would it be a real challenge!

It was fantastic and a real blessing.

Anyway, this is not my point;

As it was a Mothers' Union Diocesan meeting there were reports presented by those ladies responsible for outreach, resources,etc, etc.

Knitted Teddy BearThere was a lady there who mentioned that the MU members made knitted teddy bears which they wanted to give away. She went on to say that she had contacted the Leicestershire Constabulary to offer them but no-one could really steer her in the right direction and subsequently she had been 'bounced around' various departments with no success.

As I have just retired as a copper (but still working for them) I offered to sort this out for her and left clutching a large bag of teddy bears with the promise of an unlimited supply.

On Monday I went to work and as I have a child protection background after a few phone calls and e-mails the teddy bears were despatched to our premises where child victim interviews take place.

Today (Tuesday) the boss of that unit stopped me in the car park and said, "Gasky, can we have some more of those bears".

He went on to tell me that a young child victim had been given one of the bears whilst she had been interviewed. Upon the completion of it the little girl went to put it back and was told that she could keep it.

Apparently her face lit up and she exclaimed, "Really? because my daddy pulled the arms off my teddy and chucked it in the bin".

It reduced this 6'2" skinhead to tears!

Doesn't this just go to show the marvellous way in which our Lord works?

Who would have thought that a bloke who normally talks to blokes would have ended up talking at an all female audience and then being in a position be used by God to facilitate His wonderful love and grace!!

I cannot thank Him enough.

I just wanted this to encourage the team when there are critical voices which question why CVM concentrate on blokes alone.

God used this bloke and this bloke's ministry in a roundabout way to make a real difference (and a load of knitted teddy bears), not only to a group of ladies but to a vulnerable child too.

He really does work in mysterious ways! What an awesome God we have!!

To top the lot I have now had "orders" for teddies for the Safeguarding Unit (which deals with children and vulnerable adults) as well as the Roads Policing Unit for officers to give away to children who have been involved in car accidents.

All from just being asked to talk to a women only group which I must confess I almost turned down.

Praise Him.

Bless you.

Gasky "


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