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Posted date: 2 Nov 2016


Lead your community’s commemorations for the sacrifice made for us.

Don’t forget... Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day are coming up next month.

If you haven’t already ordered the Greater Love DVD pack, you can get it now for the just the cost of post and packing and an optional donation if you wish.

The Greater Love Pack, developed by HOPE Together along with CVM, will help church leaders, as well as men's groups, produce a bespoke evangelistic meeting that is high quality and feature packed. It is the perfect resource for churches and men’s groups who want to lead their communities in remembering the ultimate sacrifice made by many. And the ultimate sacrifice made by one.

Endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prince of Wales the Greater Love DVD pack features the following high impact testimonies: 

- ‘Into the Unknown’ - An Air Force pilot and his wife share how faith in God has helped them.
- ‘Living Without Dad’ - Finding security in God with a dad/husband away on tour of duty.
- ‘What If’ - A Chinook helicopter pilot talks about his life 'in God's hands'.
- ‘Separate Though Confident’ - A Naval couple’s confidence in God when miles apart.
- ‘Suffering for His Sake’ - Daughter of a conscientious objector shares her memories.
- ‘Woodbine Willie’ and ‘The Menin Gate’ - A Gospel message plus stories of bravery and selflessness carried out in the name of Jesus who, himself, made the greatest sacrifice of all. 

As well as short film clips, the pack also contains talk outlines, service suggestions and meeting plans for all age groups.

Watch a short excerpt and order your copy at



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