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Posted date: 10 Oct 2015


Our Quickfire ’15 training day in April was a great time of fun, inspiration and instruction. We asked some excellent speakers to pack their best thinking into 15min*. As a result,  loads of guys went away saying how much they’d benefited from the event, so we at CVM didn’t want anyone to miss out.

Therefore we have now made available all the talks from that day, to everyone.

For £5 you can access nearly 3 hours worth of short talks (including Q&A following each one) online or download them to watch with your men’s group/church. Plus there’s no risk of receiving a hit from a NERF gun!

Watch this 40 sec ‘taster clip’ that gives a flavour of the day.

Quickfire ’15 - The Message and the Man

Speakers and subjects featured:
Nathan Blackaby - Tooled Up... but Fat and Bored
Mike Vickers - Men Follow Courage, Not Titles
Jonathan Sherwin - Confident Evangelism
Joshua Abrahams - Resurrection Science
Ben Martin - Are Food-banks Killing Church?
Martin Clarke - Interview with Gasky
Graham Horsley - Reaching Baby Boomers

You can access all the talks from Quickfire ’15 here.
Cost: £5


  • Hope
  • Global Adventure
  • Care
  • Restored
  • New Wine
  • Who Let The Dads Out?
  • Sorted
  • Armed Forces Christian Union
  • Naked Truth Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Faith within Fitness
  • Christian Golf Society
  • Mercy Ships
  • Frontiers
  • Engage
  • Mission Direct
  • Christian Police Association
  • The Message Trust