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Posted date: 29 Sep 2015


Does your church 'do' emotions well? It can take a lot for a man to open up about his moods. So, when he does, it needs to be received in the right way. I know people who have kept it all hidden away - with disastrous consequences.

Mental illness is only fractionally less common among men than women - though we hear a lot more about women's emotions. Severe mental illness is split equally between the genders. Drug and alcohol misuse is more common in men.

The church can be a great help in times of trouble, but the church is no better than the wider society in repeating common mistakes and responding with stigma. Christian charities Mind and Soul and Livability have teamed up to produce the online Mental Health Access Pack. This will be launched at a conference in London on Saturday 10th October.

Whilst most church counsellors are women, men are uniquely placed in church to set the emotional tone. Is it ‘weak’ to be mentally ill? What does it mean to be ‘tough’ when you are falling apart? How can brothers help each other in times of adversity?

Do you have the knowledge and the skills to raise the topic of mental health in your church. The Access Pack and this launch event will give you what you need.

See the pack -

Book up for the event


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