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Posted date: 16 Sep 2015


The Word for WORD Bible Comic is a historically accurate, unabridged and untamed graphic novel of the Bible with a high view of Scripture. For ages 15+. Being created by CVM supporter and Gathering attendee, Simon Amadeus Pillario with the help of Kickstarter funding.

His passion is to get God's Word, in full, into the hands of believers and comic lovers aged 15+, in the hope they will come to really know God.

The Word for WORD Bible Comic is being created and published one book at a time, due to the vast amount of content necessary for an unabridged graphic version of the Bible. The first book to be produced is Judges. This is the one people can get hold of soon through Kickstarter, with the funding to go towards creating the second book, Joshua.

Nothing is officially released and on the market in general yet but Limited Edition Pre-release Copies are available by backing the Kickstarter funding and is the only way to get the physical book at the moment.

Simon aims to have a publisher launching this time next year, with book 2 and/or 3 ready to go at the launch.

Watch a quick video from the creator of this project here

With so many young people leaving the church in their late teens this work aims to bridge the gulf between kids' Bible stories and the actual text of the Bible. In addition, it will be in-depth enough to act as a visual Study Bible for mature Christians and exciting enough to reach comic readers who would never enter a church.

"This work is visually stimulating without sacrificing the authority and inerrancy of the Biblical text. It has the potential to reach a generation of unbelievers that many of today's pastors struggle to engage"

"The Word for Word Bible Comic is immediately arresting and I cannot help being impressed by the thoroughgoing commitment to research and the Biblical text in order to make it as accurate as possible."
Terry Virgo (Founder of Newfrontiers).

Historically accurate

Completely unabridged: not one word is missing

He has a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign (ending Sept 27th 21:00 GMT) where you can get hold of a limited edition pre-release of the first book (Judges) and other unique rewards to raise money to complete the second book of the series (Joshua). He'd really appreciate any support you could give to make this a reality, and we believe this will be something of eternal significance. 




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