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Posted date: 3 Jul 2015


‘There was nothing else like this out there and where else could he go and be amongst 2000 men and not potentially have a punch up!!’

On the weekend of 26-28 June the Gathering took place. It was an awesome time of friendship, fun and laughter with Jesus at the centre of whole event. As a result we, once again saw many lives changed.

Here’s a taste of some of the first stories to filter back to us. We expect more to follow…

A guy, who’d had difficulty getting men in his church to do men’s stuff and very little interest in getting any to come to TG15, had sent a text out to all the contacts he had on his mobile phone saying he is 'going on a men's weekend does anyone want to come?!’....One man responded!
That man had been going through a difficult time….and guess what………..he only gave his life to the Lord on the Saturday!!

CVM’s Rob Santer came across a fella who was a non-Christian that had been brought by a mate.
“We met the mate and found out he was a non-Christian too! This was his second year.
“Both were scaffolders. I was intrigued……..what made him come back and bring a mate?” According to the guy he was originally brought by his father-in-law who was a Baptist minister, and just loved what we were doing, that there was nothing else like this out there and where else could he go and be amongst 2000 men and not potentially have a punch up!!

One man felt compelled to message Carl [Beech] to say thanks for The Gathering.
“I came with a bunch of friends and we all enjoyed ourselves. Completely unexpectedly I had a dream the night after I’d got home, in which someone said ‘James 1:12’.
“That was all but it remained with me as I woke.”
“I've had a faith for some time since the birth of my daughter, who was born with profound disabilities and is life limited. Despite my faith I'd not felt a complete connection until I got up this morning and thought I must look up James 1:12 Wow!
I was moved to feel I'd received a message to let me know God is with me. I believe this weekend has helped in some way to make that connection so thank you for all the work you and the team put in.”

Someone else contacted Carl after The Gathering to say he went to TG15 as a non Christian, he left as Christian.
“I was one of those people in the crowd wanting to [make a public commitment] but I didn't. The singing in the big top moved me [and] bought tears to my eyes. I’d just never ever experienced anything like this.
“I left the big top in a daze looked to the sky saw that cross, then went in the mess tent still dazed. I wondered around, came out, returned to where I was camping where I gave my life to Jesus with the help of one of my friends.”
“If you hadn't of done this [event] I wouldn't of experienced that power that came over me.
Thank you, keep up your great work!”

CVM’s John Stockley was leaving the site when he was stopped by a couple of guys that had been at #TG15. They had spotted an elderly couple who had broken down on the road. When they asked if there was anything they could do, the couple said that they were on an hour and half wait for the AA. So these guys fixed the car and told them all about CVM and #TG15. The elderly couple were so thankful for these guys and their generosity that they said they wanted to send a donation to the work of CVM – what a fantastic witness!
Well done fellas. 


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