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Posted date: 11 Sep 2015


Running for President has always been hard work, but the running that our President will have to endure requires a huge amount of prep and effort.

On 20th Sept this year, CVM’s President, Carl Beech will be donning the shorts, lacing up the trainers, stocking up on energy gel and hitting the road to take on the Chesterfield Marathon.

Same reasons as always;

  1. To raise funds for CVM so they can develop even more great new resources.
  2. It qualifies as a ‘Grand Challenge’ activity. i.e. Raising at least £1k for CVM by doing something extreme.
  3. It’s a response to living out part of The Code*

We’re asking for as many of you as possible to cheer him on by sponsoring him. Even if it’s just a few quid. It just takes a few moments to give.

Why not leave a fun message of support for Carl too?

Sponsor Carl to run the marathon

* Code VI - I will keep my body fit and free from any addictions. 






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