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Posted date: 13 Jun 2015


It started back in March 2008 when twenty-one guys met to talk about how to set up a meeting for men that would enable them to hear about the Christian faith...

...Seven years and 3,000 breakfasts later, Mid-Northumberland Men’s Group monthly breakfast is still going strong with an average attendance over the last six months of 46 guys.

At every meeting over the last two years there has been at least one newcomer at their meetings. More interestingly, a third of their men attending, do not go to church yet are still the most reliable and regular attendees . . . and this alongside an increasingly overt Christian message from the speakers! Another third of attendees are "fringe" church men and many have increased their commitment over the last few years. 

Some of the 53 men who attended the May 2015 breakfast

Their Venue: Anglers Arms Pub

“In the last twelve months it has been a real blessing to see seven men pray the prayer of commitment to Jesus,” said David Shipley, one of the organisers.

“We are always amazed at how God is blessing us! Marshall Meek’s vision back in 2007 for a Christian outreach to men in Northumberland is alive and well!”

So what is the secret of the group’s success?

David & Co assure us that they do not know, but are thankful to God!

Some principles that they believe help:

  • We meet at a neutral venue and where better than a pub, the Anglers Arms in Weldon Bridge!
  • Although supported by local churches the group is not seen as part of a particular fellowship
  • Our speakers are generally drawn from our own ranks or the friends of regular attendees – guys who we know who, on the surface, seem ordinary but who also have some wonderful stories to tell about themselves
  • We back up the monthly breakfasts with occasional trips out, tours and hikes, as well as an annual Men’s Breakfast Christmas Dinner!

Trip to Shotton Open Cast Colliery – big boys toys!

David continued, “Although far from elderly it is fair to say that most of our guys are older men – not so keen on being too active but happy to meet to encourage and support one another!

“It has been a real privilege to be involved with CVM, to be encouraged by the stories we hear from around the country and to receive resources to bolster men’s ministry in our area. It goes without saying that, without the blessing from God that we have received through CVM, we would not be where we are as a group.”

God bless you guys! 




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