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Posted date: 12 Jun 2015


Restoring lives after the trauma of divorce or separation is one of the biggest issues facing our society today.
We are living amidst an epidemic affecting families across the country.
Do you know how best to help people?
Do you want the tools to reverse this legacy in the people near you?
Find out how at the Restored Lives Conference – Friday 3 July, London SW7 1JA

“This course offers love, support and guidance to anyone in need.”
Nicky Gumbel

Over 25 courses already running in the UK
Thousands of people have already been helped through the course Website, videos, books and other resources available.
The conference will empower you to be able to help people recover successfully, show you how to run the course and give people the tools they need.
If you’re already running a course, come and share your experience and hear other ideas to inspire you further.

Book now to join the Restored Lives conference at

“This course is the single most helpful thing I’ve done”
(course guest)

Restored Lives have a vision of restoring the lives of individuals and families impacted by relationship breakdown to give them hope, confidence and knowledge of how to move forward successfully.
More and more people are running the course with exciting results. The course breaks the isolation that people feel and gives them the tools they need to face the difficult issues that relationship breakdown brings.

Key issues such as dealing with emotions, communication, conflict resolution, acceptance, forgiveness, parenting and resolving legal issues are all tackled in a practical, non-judgemental way.
Restored Lives is based on Christian values and is working effectively across all denominations including Anglican, Catholic and Pentecostal. It is designed for people from any background or belief and has taken place in numerous different settings across the world, acting as a key link between the church and the community.

“The course gives real hope to those who have experienced a broken relationship”
Nicky and Sila Lee

Restored Lives Conference: Friday 3 July, 10.00 – 16.00
Venue: Church House, HTB, Brompton Road, Kensington, London SW7 1JA


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