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Posted date: 6 May 2015


Can you line up the sights? Steady the aim? Help us hit at the centre?
CVM are targeting the launch of some great new resources this year to step up the battle in winning 1 million men to Jesus.

We have some ever increasing opportunities to communicate the Gospel to men but face having to cancel the production of the ‘tools’ to help in that communication.

Tools such as:

  • Church (& Men) DVD - A resource to help make your church a more comfortable place for unchurched guys. Plus a updated version of the Men DVD resource, created for help in kicking off men’s ministry.
  • Founding Fathers - A collection of thoughts and advice on fathering, from many different angles and by many contributors.
  • ‘CodeTalks’ - An ‘introduction to Christianity’ evangelistic course specifically designed for unchurched men.

We’re targeting £25,000 to ensure these resource tools are produced and are put into the hands of as many Christian men as possible. We almost totally rely on your support.

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