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Posted date: 30 Mar 2015


We’re giving everyone the chance to read CVM’s most popular blogs ever!
The blog section is one of the most visited parts of our website with some great wisdom, insight and learning packed into bite size chunks.

Below is a list of titles of our 10 most read blogs. Why not click on a title and have a quick read of one of the many pieces contributed by CVM's bloggers.

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CVM’s Top 10 blogs of all time

  1. 9 Signs That You Might Be An Intellectually Dishonest Atheist - Andy Kind (May 2014)
  2. Flirting With Lions - Keith Harper (May 2013)
  3. Useful Apologetics Resources: Websites - Jonathan Sherwin (May 2013)
  4. What Happened on Easter Sunday - Carl Beech (April 2012)
  5. On Suffering and Calvin and Hobbes - Jonathan Sherwin (Sept 2012)
  6. Who invented Rock ‘n’ Roll? - Eddie James (March 2012)
  7. A Very British Revolution - Carl Beech (Jan 2012)
  8. What I believe - Andy Kind (Aug 2012)
  9. I blame the Cheese - Roger Leitch (July 2013)
  10. Look Around You (Exploring how Atheism and Christianity account for what really matters) - Andy Kind (Aug 2013)

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