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Posted date: 26 Feb 2015


In last week’s survey to the database, we asked the question ‘What are the most challenging things, to you, about being a Christian?
The second most ‘popular‘ answer was “Sharing Jesus with friends”.
Top of the list was “Keeping a regular personal time with God”.

CVM have resources to help guys maintain a close relationship with Jesus.
The Manuals - Bible reading notes for men
Codelife - Book and downloadable materials for living a full on, uncompromised, Jesus centered life.
CVM Blog - Further inspirational material to equip you to live your life for God in this world.

Sharing Jesus with Friends
CVM have a great day lined up to equip men to share their faith with their mates and other guys they’re in contact with.

With 15min klaxon controlled talks, Quickfire ’15The Message and the Man’ will feature some excellent speakers, each fitting their best thinking into quarter of an hour.
Talks will cover themes such as: Identity in Christ, telling your story, science, reaching men who don’t do church plus many more.

Quickfire ’15 will be informative, fun and, we believe, life changing.
The content is created to inspire, encourage and equip you share your story of faith in Jesus, with more confidence and in a natural way.

Sat 18 April 2015
Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield, S42 6LG
Cost: £25
The cost includes a Hog Roast lunch plus tea & coffee.

Find more info here.
Don’t miss out on this great day!

Here are the 10 most challenging things about being a Christian according to people* on the CVM database
(% of the respondents that identified with particular challenge)

1. Keeping a regular personal time with God (50%)
2. Sharing Jesus with friends (38.08%)
3. Putting Jesus first (30.96%)
4. Living by faith (24.5%)
5. The way your church ‘does church’ (21.03%)
6. Behaviour of people who go to church (17.88%)
7. Media’s agenda (15.89%)
8. Living by example in the family home (13.41%)
9. Standing up for Jesus (12.09%)
10. Understanding premature death, sickness, natural disaster etc (8.11%)

*788 people took part in the survey 


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