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Posted date: 12 Feb 2015

Don’t let Christian radio disappear

CVM has teamed up with Premier Christian Radio to set up more and more ‘Shed‘ Groups around the UK. The purpose of the Shed (Men’s) Groups is to build one another up in the Faith and to be a fun and relevant place of belonging for our ‘not yet believing‘ mates. It’s all part of our vision of winning 1 million men to Jesus.

CVM has a show on Premier, aptly called ShedTalk, which is half an hour of fun, banter and inspiration for men and is broadcast on Sunday nights at 9pm but can be listened to again or downloaded as a podcast. It is a major tool we use in setting up Shed groups and reaching our goal. 

However Premier Christian Radio’s National Digital Broadcast License is in great danger of being taken away, therefore silencing their voice as a major Christian broadcaster throughout the whole country.

Despite positive comments made in the House of Commons on Premier’s behalf last night, MPs cannot compel the transmission provider to allow them to continue broadcasting.

By adding your name to Premier’s petition, a letter of support will be sent to your MP asking them to write to the regulator and ask them to retain Premier’s national coverage.

Find out more, watch a 1min (approx) video and to sign the petition using this link







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