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Posted date: 18 Nov 2014


November 19 is the International Men’s Day, and it’s a good thing. Here at CVM we work hard to support and encourage men to stand and be the men they know they ought to be. In community, in family, in marriage and in fatherhood we are calling men to move beyond limitations and fear to boldly go and shape this, and the next generation of men.

The International Men’s Day is celebrating the role of men and the sacrifices being made on behalf of others, and this that really connects with CVM.

In a deeply significant year of remembrance and sacrifice, the IMD is describing the sacrifice men make as a fundamental element of manhood. As Christian men we are calling men to sacrifice, to invest themselves in things that go beyond their time on earth, a impact in a kingdom bigger than the one we are building around ourselves. 

We celebrate the sacrifice that was paid by one man, Jesus Christ. Today, as Christian men we are following this Jesus and we are leading a fight to introduce a 1,000,000 men to Jesus who is our Captain, brother and friend.

Why? Because God worked the blueprint for families, communities and marriage, they are all His handy work, and men need to be seen and celebrated in this design!

So what will you do to thank, remember or celebrate the role of men in your family, community or marriage?

Find out more about International Men's Day here




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