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Posted date: 24 Sep 2014


At least 25 guys gave their lives/re-committed themselves to Jesus last Saturday (20 Sept) at a Monster Cookathon in Plymouth.

The Plymouth CVM men’s group made enough curry for approx 170 people. 110 guys were served, with the rest of the grub packed into ‘doggy bags’ and sold off to cover some of the costs.

More fellas then turned up to hear visiting speakers; Simon Pinchbeck and Renton Baker tell their stories of how Jesus transformed their lives.

CVM’s man in the South West of England, Brian Green was one of the organisers. He said, “God really showed up and mightily blessed Simon and Renton as they spoke. A conservative guess is that 25 chaps gave their lives to Christ or re-committed - some thought that it was more like 35.”

He continued “Every time I think of this I have a tear in my eye for all the Mums and Grandmothers who have diligently kept on praying for their ‘lost’ men, sometimes for decades. Their prayers have been as much a part of these conversions as Pinchbeck and Baker or us with the curry. God has heard their prayers and came in such a powerful way because of these prayers and petitions.

“It is a whole team effort. Give thanks to God.”
“Folk - this stuff really works and God is giving us some great stories to tell. Lets go and tell them.” 




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