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Posted date: 22 Sep 2014

A new role for Carl Beech

"One of the big issues we have faced is how to continue the growth and reach of the ministry…"    



CVM are excited to announce some significant news in the life of the organisation and in particular, the current General Director, Carl Beech.

Carl’s involvement with CVM started 12 years ago as a trustee/board member, 3 years later he joined the staff team as National Director, assuming the role of General Director 12 months after that.

In that time he has overseen CVM as we’ve reached many thousands of men with the Gospel through our grass roots network and resources. The staff team has grown substantially, as have our events such as The Gathering and our range of resources. And although there have been significant challenges along the way, together as a team and as a movement we have witnessed God grace this work in an incredible way and we give Him all the glory for every advance we have made together.

Over the last year or so, one of the big issues we have faced is how to continue the growth and reach of the ministry whilst ensuring that we are known long term for our aims and objectives, rather than for one or two individuals and a flagship event.” said Carl.
We also face current challenges such as the rapidly changing nature of the culture in which we live and the difficulty of reaching men across cultures and age ranges. We knew that in order to continue to be effective, changes needed to be made.

After a long period of prayer and discussion that has continued for some months and after seeking lots of advice from one or two trusted senior mentors, Carl has decided, under God, that now is the time for him to transition his role away from the day to day leadership of the ministry. From early 2015, he will be moving into a strategic mentoring and governance role as Vice President of CVM, ultimately returning to a position on the board of trustees.

Carl added “I'll still be taking the lead at The Gathering and will continue with some of my writing and broadcasting work. We are all very excited about the future if not a bit daunted.

With structural changes in place that are aimed at further growth and development, CVM will continue to move forward with it’s remaining leadership team.

After some months since he first felt the call of God to change his role and with a calling to still support local churches and spread the gospel, Carl has announced that he will be taking up a position within the Elim Pentecostal movement, who have been a tremendous supporter of CVM and it’s aims. Carl is to be Director of Church Planting and Church Development, which is a newly created role that will see him develop and deploy church planters, train leaders, help churches get a new vision/strategy for mission and much more.

CVM has been a major part of my life.” said Carl. “It continues to be a huge joy and privilege to work with such a gifted and committed team and to be part of a band of brothers around the world. I'm excited that as I move back to the board I will continue to be able to shape and guide the ministry in the years ahead whilst also being able to see the team grow and flourish as they minister. It’s a hugely exciting time for CVM and I would urge you to continue to pray for the team, the movement and trustees as this transition takes place and I decrease so that others may increase.

Thanks for all your prayers, friendship, love, banter and support. All that remains to be said is that I hope I see many of you at The Gathering, somewhere in a field near Swindon.” 




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