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Posted date: 12 Aug 2014

Rugby Global Wave

Prayer countdown launched for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

A global wave of prayer, stretching from New Zealand to New York, is planned to mark a year out to England hosting the Rugby World Cup. The prayer wave is an initiative of Engage 2015, set up to help UK churches serve the world’s third largest sports event.

Christians across the world’s time zones are being asked to pray at 8pm their time on Thursday 18 September, a year before the opening game between England and Fiji. The focus of the prayers is for God’s love to be seen through the programmes of chaplaincy, family hosting, community festivals, guest events and other activities under the Engage 2015 banner.

Explains David Chawner, Engage 2015’s coordinator, ‘UK churches have started to make plans for the Rugby World Cup, just as they did for the 2012 Olympic Games. Thursday 18 September 2014 marks a year before the first match and the start of their activities and we want to use this for a focus on prayer.’

David adds, ‘Engage 2015 is providing ideas and prayer topics to meet the needs of everything from a group of friends in a home to a whole church together. The Rugby World Cup is a wonderful way for God’s people to show his love and prayer needs to be at the heart of it all’.

Those interested in being part of the prayer wave, or in their church responding to the Rugby World cup, are asked to request more information by contacting

The six week Rugby World Cup 2015 starts on September 18. It involves 20 national squads and 48 games, with half a million international visitors expected and a global TV audience of 4 billion.


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