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Posted date: 20 Nov 2013

Most will re-offend. What do you say?

At the beginning of November CVM were privileged to attend and contribute at the Caring For Ex-Offenders (CFEO) Conference.

6th Most Violent
Attendees heard some amazing stories of how Jesus has completely turned some lives around including the story of Shane, who at one time was labeled as the 6th most violent inmate in the country until his life was utterly changed by the power of God.

CVM have partnered with CFEO to help shape the lives of ex-offenders.

We would ask every one of our men’s groups to seriously consider committing regular time and effort to being a Godly influence to some guys who need it more than ever!

A New Bunch of Mates
The majority of prisoners in the UK, after release, end up going back to crime as the wrong influence that was there before they went in, is still there when they get out.

CVM would love to offer these men a new ‘set of friends‘ through our men’s groups. Groups who will collectively invest in giving time to former prisoners, include them in some of their activities, build relationships and offer a safe environment. 

If your men’s group is able to help in any way please contact the CVM office and we’ll put you in touch with CFEO who’ll advise, guide and train your group to be effective in this role.

For the majority, re-offending is inevitable. Let’s do something to stop the inevitable.

Watch some of Shane’s story 

Read a report of how the CFEO conference went.  




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