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Posted date: 27 Aug 2013

Global Adventure successfully launched

On the 16th of August, Global Adventure was successfully launched with a men's campout weekend called "Be A Man." The weekend included caving, climbing, shooting, a barbeque, fun competitions and seminars, and a rousing message from Andrew Shearman on what it really means to pass on a legacy to our families.


Dave Hearn, founder of Global Adventure, kicked off the weekend with a story of his "God moment" while he was deployed to Iraq with Allied Special Forces. He described how it took the intensity of physical battle and the bonds of brotherhood to make him understand what it meant to be a part of the spiritual battle that men today find themselves in. That moment in the desert spurred him to create a charity to challenge boys to be men, men to be brothers and fathers, and all of us to live lives of sacrifice and faith.

After a Saturday morning fry-up, the men ventured out to the caves of Cheddar Gorge and Mendip. The rain above didn't matter as the men attending faced their fears, helped each other, and tested their strength as they slid, scraped, and squeezed together through places like "Goatchurch" and "Pierre's Pot." Adventure Leader Tim Miles led the men through the caves, and then that afternoon returned to lead seminars on first aid, belaying, shooting, and "table turning" (You'll have to attend a weekend to find out what that is!)

Starting Saturday night and continuing Sunday morning, Andrew Shearman spoke on receiving and passing on inheritance, the importance of discipling, and how men need to have a "100-year plan." Essentially, he challenged the men to live not for today and not for themselves, but to leave a lasting mark on the world that we can pass on to our children.

beaman2.jpegOn Sunday, the activities continued with climbing, abseiling, and an air rifle challenge. After lunch, participants were treated to some prizes as "Man Points" were tallied for the weekend. In attendance were Dads and Lads, church groups, and men who were simply looking for a physical and spiritual challenge--and Global Adventure delivered!

In Spring 2014, Global Adventure will begin their Father and Son initiation weekend series, Men Discipleship camping weekends, and enjoy physical challenges like the Tough Mudder, Ben Nevis, and more! If you would like to sign up for these events or simply find out more about this charity, go to or email

P.S. If you'd like, check out the "After Action Report" it is now available. 



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