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Posted date: 1 Apr 2013

Leaning is Good!

In many years of regional days and conferences, which has included 100’s of visits to churches across the length and breadth of the UK, Team CVM have heard the same cry over and over again.

The blokes of the UK Church are fed up, threaders and downright angry with having to sit in rows! So CVM are really excited to announce the launch of our newest campaign. LPiC (El Pick).


Imagine going into a church, where there is a hand crafted mahogany platform, positioned at elbow level around the wall of the church. Imagine not having to sit in a hard pew, or one of those blue cushioned chairs with no room between you and the woman next to you ... having the freedom to wander around, grab a coffee and LEAN! It could transform the whole Sunday morning church experience.

Follow the campaign on:

We have already heard of some churches that are listed buildings having planning problems for LPs - fear not! CVM has identified a supplier of custom made LPs who will come and do a survey of your building and produce a customised LP plan specifically for your church ... and if all else fails you could always invest in one of our range of portable LPs.

LPs will become the talking point of your church, suitable for sermon illustrations (carpentry – ideal for discussing Jesus early life), and of course crafting and fitting your own LPs is the perfect project to bond a men's group. Imagine the discussions up the pub, the hours of research as to the best kind of wood ... and then the banter as you discuss which blade will be best in the power saw.


BEFORE                                              AFTER


Initial experience suggests that LPs are best situated along the back wall, which in most churches is near the door (for a quick exit) and the kitchen - for coffee refills. So don’t delay, apply for funding for your LP programme today and transform the Sunday morning experience for the men of your church ...


We really value your support



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