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Posted date: 26 Mar 2013

CVM Scotland, to infinity and beyond…

Over the last 18 months or so CVM Scotland has been steadily gathering momentum, from not being very well known to now working with 12 or so churches across the country. The work in these churches ranges from the initial contact and discussions on how to get started in men’s ministry, right through to churches who have signed up to partner their men’s groups.

It is also massively encouraging to receive requests from other Christian churches and organisations to participate and contribute to their events. This includes:

  • Delivering “Winning Men” seminars at the Elim Scotland Men’s Day
  • Delivering “Purity in the Workplace” Seminars at Purity events organised by CARE Scotland
  • Exciting discussions are taking place for joint working between CVM Scotland and CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nation)
  • Working with More Than Gold 2014 and Christians in Sport to provide effective strategy and resources to churches during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014
  • Delivering the Inverness Regional Day in association with aLive Ministries

One of the most significant partnerships that we have set up is with Scottish Christian Broadcast (SCB). The number one platform for connecting Christians in Scotland, SCB publishes a glossy magazine twice a year and monthly e-newsletters. Through SCB, CVM Scotland will be bringing the latest developments in men’s ministry and details of all the latest CVM events to the Scottish church.
Although all of the stuff above is massively exciting, this is only the tip of the iceberg as to what is needed and potentially could be done in Scotland. Our vision is to increase the number of partner churches in Scotland by at least 10 in 2013, to recruit Area Co-ordinators in all major cities, to have Regional or Town days in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen and ultimately we want to equip, resource and encourage the local church to focus on men’s ministry in Scotland so that Jesus can transform the men of this great nation.

We have managed to achieve all of the success in Scotland simply by giving up a few hours each week. Thanks to a very understanding wife and a not so understanding four year old, I am able to put in the time and effort required, often involving very late nights after a hard day in the office and weekends away from my daughters swimming lessons and trips to the park.

The vision that God has given us for reaching the men in Scotland goes way beyond giving up a few hours each week as and when required. We have an urgent need for support to enable me to be released into this ministry full time and equipped and resourced for the years ahead. So that we can fulfil the vision that we believe God has given us.

The vision is for 100 men with a passion specifically for Scotland, supporting me with a pledge of £20 per month. This will enable us to equip, resource and train the local church to reach the men of Scotland with the message of Jesus.

As my daughters favourite film character would say to "infinity and beyond..."

Stephen McGuire
Director Scotland


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