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Posted date: 2 Feb 2013

Kent Regional Day

Around 07:30 on the 2nd February, CVM invaded Kent. The worship team got the day going with a cracking set of songs. Carl gave an update on CVM international and all the great things that are happening at CVM to help men hear about Jesus. We split up for breakfast after Carl’s talk.

There was a lot of fun stuff going on throughout the day including sumo wrestling suits and an inflatable gladiator dual ring. There was also a darts competition at the event, (no surprises when a member of the CVM team won!)…we do take our darts very seriously.

After a gut busting breakfast, we gathered back into the main room to hear Carl’s main talk. Carl spoke to us using his favourite quiet time verse; Judges 3. He explained how Ehud got angry at the stone idols at Gilgal and how we can use our righteous anger to make a difference in our lives. He called us to use our testosterone to do something positive like go into our local newsagents and ask for the lad's mags to be displayed more appropriately (as at the moment in most newsagents they are displayed at eye line to children).

We then split up into our seminars; Suneel talked to us about how to reach Asian men and men from other faiths, Steve Seabrook, a police inspector, spoke about integrity in the workplace (Code IV), Barney De Berry vicar of St Mary Bredin spoke on evangelism (Code III) and Jimmy Adams West Indies Cricket Captain spoke on keeping fit (Code VI).

There was opportunity to see two seminars before we broke up for had coffee, cake and doughnuts. We had another set of worship and the band handed the mic over to Carl. He sent us out into the mission field with us looking for our Gilgal…… The place where we say enough is enough and stand up for what we believe in. A great day and we can’t wait for Scarborough Regional Day this weekend. See you soon.

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