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Neil Adamson: Leicester

Neil AdamsonI was born in 1960 into a Christian home in Rugby, Warwickshire. I was the second of 3 children. We moved to Croft in Leicestershire in 1964 before moving into Leicester in 1966 where we settled into Knighton Evangelical Free Church, partly because the minister there had been our minister in Rugby.

I attended local schools where I did ok but was sometimes bullied especially because I was weak and a cry baby but also for my faith. At secondary school I took up athletics running cross country and 1500M.

In late 1978 I left the Free Church and went with a mate to a local Assemblies of God Church where I eventually met and married my wife Ruth on April 1982, the day after the Falkland's war started! We have 2 children David and.

In June 1979 after finishing my exams I started work at British Shoe Corporation working for 10 years in admin roles before going into IT. I was made redundant in Nov 2009 completing just over 30 years of continuous service

In July 1991 I was rushed into hospital with pancreatitis (usually caused by heavy drinking or gall stones). Several cysts had developed and burst on pancreas causing peritonitis from which I nearly died. Having been in agony all day I was taken down to surgery in the evening but not before my wife and older sister had been told by the surgeon that I might not make it. Through lots of prayer I came through the operation, spending 2 days in intensive care.. I was eventually discharged on in Septemper only to frequently return over the next few months. I would have to say that during that time in hospital I drew very close to God and drew upon him daily.

In June 1992 we lost my father while we were on holiday in Dorset. Like many of the men before him in his family he died of a heart attack - he was only 62.

I am a part Gaskys MAFIA group and like him am a supporter of the mighty great escapers, Leicester City along with Tigers and the Leicestershire Foxes who finally won a county championship match this year, first time in 3 seasons!


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