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Find here, links and info on other great ministries that we know of.  Not all are just for guys but all will be good for your men's work.

Activate-your-life exists to encourage, resource and inspire Christian woman to 'with-reach' their friends, neighbours, work colleagues and relatives with God's love.

The Armed Forces' Christian Union is the only military Christian fellowship in Britain involved with all three Services. Its focus is to prayerfully support and serve all members of the British Armed Forces. Making the bible accessible for everyone. is the first online resource allowing visitors who are visually impaired an equal opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. More disabled individuals can become educated, and have an equal opportunity to hear God's Scripture online.

Care is a well-established mainstream Christian charity providing resources and helping to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives

Care for Ex-Offenders seeks to reduce reoffending by reintegrating ex-offenders (of any faith or none) into society through local church communities. They equip churches, through training and advice, to enable them to support ex-offenders live transformed lives.

Christian Conventions run the London Men's Convention and the Northern Men's Convention. Annual days for Christian men to gather for an uplifting, helpful and challenging day to learn more about God together.

The Christian Golf Society aims to provide Christian golfers with an opportunity to engage with the golfing community and share their faith in Jesus with friends who are not yet Christians through a common passion for golf.

Christians in Motorsport is a group of people unified by faith and involvement in motorsport (professionally or for recreation). They aim to minister to and help others provide fellowship and teaching, and to promote the gospel within their respective areas.

Church for Men is an organisation dedicated to helping the local church reach more men and boys. Their focus is not male dominance, but male resurgence.

CNI Network is an umbrella organisation supporting, resourcing and celebrating over one hundred local expressions of work within the night-time economy - from binge to better.

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, we are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

Covenant Eye's goal is to equip people with tools that provide protection and encourage accountability and trust in the fight against Internet temptation.

Elim comprises over 550 churches in the UK and Ireland, and linked to over 9,000 Elim churches in other countries. Elim is also in co-operative fellowship with thousands of Pentecostal churches around the world, and has missions work in over 40 countries.

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (UK & Ireland) focuses on reaching men and women for Christ to empower them for life.

Fusion love working with a diversity of people and draws on their experience through a number of teams that play a huge part in serving, governing and shaping this exciting work

Global Adventure Seek a generation of young adults empowered and excited to plant the Kingdom of God around the world–becoming inspired leaders who live out Christ-like lives of servanthood, integrity, and authority.

HOPE has the backing of an unprecedented range of denominations, ministries, movements, conferences and networks. Christian leaders throughout the UK are working together in unity to prepare for a year of mission in 2014.

Jesus Saves Racing's sole aim is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in, and through, motor-racing both by being excellent in our field and speaking of God's grace to us in Christ. 

Lee and Baz aka Lee Jackson and Baz Gascoyne are authors of 'Cut To The Chase' and 'Dead Men Walking'. A couple of great guys who dont pull their punches.

Life Discovery offer a monthly outreach event you can join away from the pressures of everyday life. Somewhere you can discover something about yourselves - in the course of discovering activities that, for us, are each, in their own way, expressions of what Jesus called 'Life and Life to the Full'.

Logos are an independent Christian ministry, with charitable status, dedicated to helping Christians and Churches use golf for the Gospel.

Men Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (MENAPAT) is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. But more than that, MENAPAT is a growing network of men who refuse to allow these crimes to continue.

Might Men of Valour aim to improve the lives of boys, men, husbands and fathers so that they in turn make a significant and beneficial difference to the lives of their children, their spouse/partners and of those in their community.

Naked Truth Prayer longs for a change in how people think about porn as well as a change in their behaviour. It's about two things: open eyes and free lives. It's a dream not just for the church, but for everyone from pastor to atheist.

The Naval Christian Fellowship helps and encourages Christians in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary to be able to live a Christian lifestyle within the harsh environment of a seagoing ship or shorebased establishment and subsequently bear witness to their messmates.

New Wine is a movement of churches working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, summer conferences, training events and resources.

Nick Battle, author of 'Big Boys Don't Cry' and founder of the Gravel Road Trust.

Planet Sport is a weekly 15-minute programme that gives you the opportunity to comment on news and stories from the world of sport.

Romance Academy 

Romance Academy is a nation-wide sex and relationships education initiative run by youth workers. Their unique 14-week intervention project addresses the underlying causes of risky youth behaviour, such as poor self-esteem, low aspirations and lack of positive family life, by promoting the value of stable relationships.

Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women

Sorted Magazine is launched by the team that brought you the hugely successful and award winning, Son newspaper. Sorted is a good, wholesome alternative for blokes.

Soteria Trust is founded and directed by Andy Economides (CVM conference speaker 2009). He is an international speaker and author. Soteria Trust exists to bring life and peace through its unique and different approach. Soteria has humanitarian projects in Africa assisting the vulnerable and poor to help themselves. The word Soteria is Greek for Salvation.

Tearfund are Christians passionate about ending poverty. They work through local churches to unlock people's potential, helping them to discover that the answers to poverty is within themselves. When disasters strike, they respond quickly. They won't stop until poverty stops.


Who Let The Dads Out? is all about creating space where dads and their young children can have fun together and is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God's love to communities.


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  • Global Adventure
  • Care
  • Restored
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  • Who Let The Dads Out?
  • Sorted
  • Armed Forces Christian Union
  • Naked Truth Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Faith within Fitness
  • Christian Golf Society
  • Mercy Ships
  • Frontiers
  • Engage
  • Mission Direct
  • Christian Police Association
  • The Message Trust