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Keith Garrell: Hitchin

Keith Garrell

Born originally in Gateshead, Keith moved to London working with HM Customs & Excise in the early 1980’s looking to make his fame and fortune, returning back to the North East a made man. However, his mere mortal plans were not Gods, who I did not know at the time. After 8 years as a sinner without focus, largely getting drunk at weekends and leading a lads life, met Denise who in 1992 became my wife and who gradually started to introduce me to Church and Christ. Being a bloke, this was not something I was always keen on having always struggled with that “religion” piece, but Denise persisted and I went along because it was important to her. After a slow process of getting my head around it not being religion, but a relationship with the living God, during which I attended an Alpha course at Hitchin Christian Centre, Gods plan was realised, and I give my life to Christ.

I continued to work for Customs, then, from 2002 to 2004 I was sent on a secondment to the Home Office. At the end of this, it looked like my career was going to stall as I had no job to go back to with Customs. However as always God had a plan and answered prayer, pointing me at a new career in international consultancy, working to help developing countries improve how they work. I am still in this field today, now as the Practice Lead for Crown Agents, Economic Growth & Trade team, which takes me all around the world, often to countries that are in conflict or post conflict, suffering severe poverty or highly corrupt. In between all of this, God also blessed Denise and I with 2 beautiful children.

I now also head up the Men’s Ministry at Hitchin Christian Centre (IRON) working with a great team of guys to serve the men of HCC and beyond. I am also a member of Street Angels, giving my time to support vulnerable people on the streets of Hitchin on Saturday evenings.

Still a sinner to this day (aren’t we all), my heart for service sees me wanting to make a difference in the lives of men in and around Hitchin, whether Christians or not. I look forward to God continuing to use me in outreach whether through IRON or CVM, talking to men about my experiences and testimony to help them come to know Christ and realise what he can do in their lives.  


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