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Jason Muxworthy: Amesbury and Andover

Jim PageJason was brought up in Swansea where he was a regular church attender or he likes to call it ‘a pew warmer.’ It wasn’t until he embarked on a career in architecture did he come to faith in Jesus as his personal Saviour.

‘I worked with a guy who from the moment he first walked into the office the world seemed a better place. Put simply, he was completely on fire for God. This was something I had very rarely experienced at church up until then. I wanted to know more. The simple answer was that this man had Jesus in his life. During all those years of mere religious observance I had never heard the simple truth that God loved me so much that He sent Jesus to suffer death on a cross for my sin. For me it was a simple choice: Dead religion v Living faith in Jesus – Jesus won!’

In 1988 Jason went away to university for three years and got actively involved in the CU and helped to lead a Housegroup which was his first step into any form of active Christian service. For him this was a great time of spiritual growth and a real time where he saw God at work in peoples lives.

After graduating he moved away from home for work and spent twenty-five years working in architect’s practices in London, the southeast and Bristol areas. In 2000 he got married to Penny and they both started serving in leadership at their local Baptist church near Woking. In 2006 they felt that God was prompting them to move to Bristol and it was an enormous wrench and they both found the next few years difficult in so many ways and had to cling to God throughout.

‘In a nutshell I suffered from a prolonged bout of depression for most of those years in Bristol. Thankfully I found myself in a very caring fellowship during that time and really felt the love of God keeping hold of me both on the good days and the bad days.’

In 2012 Jason made a complete break from architecture and trained to be a train driver in Salisbury.

‘Both my wife and I felt that God was directing us into making this move and it really was a gigantic step of faith for both of us. We trusted in God throughout the whole process and He really did perform some miracles for us and still does. We are now actively involved with our local church and have been involved in both teaching and preaching in the time we have been there.’

In his spare time Jason enjoys railway modelling (as if he didn’t get enough of railways in his work), doing battle with weeds on his allotment whilst trying to grow vegetables, reading military history and going for long walks with the dog.

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