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An update from CVM international...

In a recent review we found that we've been in touch with every continent apart from Antarctica. Fortunately the indigenous ethnic group there are Penguins!


Malawi: Frank Kuseni, our contact in Malawi, is planning on visiting the UK for 2 weeks in September this year. It is primarily a music ministry trip, but Contact Reaper Ministries for more information about the trip.

Tanzania: Over the last few months we've being having significant discussions on Church culture and the barriers to men coming to faith with Philip Buluba, a church planter. As with many countries, attending Church services or events is the main approach for men to hear the gospel. So when the church's culture is a barrier for men attending, it becomes a barrier to them even hearing the gospel.


Cambodia: The work in Cambodia steadily continues with men's ministry extending from the capital (Phnom Peng) to the neighbouring provinces. Deth has been running training for local pastors, including an opportunity for them to come away for a weekend. 14 people are expected to join him on the current course.

"I refused to take any responsibility for my things I did wrong even when I knew it was my fault. Attending the men's group meetings has broken my stubborn heart and I am becoming more responsible for things I've done wrong." A recent quote from one of the men's groups that have been set up in Phnom Peng.

Work also continues with translating The Code, which will probably also be used on Radio once it is finished.

The work is very much a faith ministry – Boroh LaOr Pit currently have funding for just 3 more months. The project has been running for 3.5 years now, and Deth is confident that God will provide for the future.

China: The men's group at the International Church in Beijing continues to run its men's breakfast, which has been running now for over a year. The group are preparing to host Patrick Morley (Man in the Mirror), who will be speaking there in the Autumn.


Serbia:The highlight this season was Nathan, Joe and Suneel's trip to Serbia in April. They spent 5 days presenting the Winning Men presentation and speaking at different churches/men's groups in North Serbia, including the capital, Belgrade. The goal was to encourage a grassroots men's movement in the country. Up to now we've been keeping in touch with a couple of pastors, largely encouraging their church's men's ministry.

Hosted and organised by two pastors, we met a number of different leaders, in different locations, who showed a definite interest in men's ministry. We sense that God did a unique work, and during our trip one of the pastors decided to take a lead nationally, which was confirmed when another church pastor, who is seen as an Elder for Christian ministry nationally, prayed for him.

France: We recently helped provide a strategy for men's ministry for the Church of England's Europe Diocese, which covers 42 countries and runs events at over 270 locations from Iceland to Mongolia, and down to Morocco. Reverend Ben Harding who is the Chaplain in Lyon, France, has been given his Bishop's backing to encourage men's ministry, so watch this space as men's ministry across the Diocese develops!

Latvia: We continue to have regular skype calls with the team in Latvia, praying and reviewing men's ministry there. After the encouraging trip to Serbia this we look forward to see how God will answer these prayers in the future.

Other countries

We continue to engage with individuals in other countries, as well as providing presentations and training when opportunity arises.

And finally, 13 men from the International Church in Belgium have booked into The Gathering 2016 this year. Do look out for them; they're easy to spot as they'll be speaking Flemish and eating chocolates!


Warm regards

Suneel Shivdasani
International Coordinator/Ministry Specialist




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