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Gavin Johnson: Chelmsford

Gavin JohnsonGavin lives in Chelmsford and is a member of Central Baptist Church. He came to faith shortly after moving to Essex in 2007. “I attended the local church on Christmas Eve, not out of faith, but because people we were getting to know in the village thought it would be a nice way to start Christmas. But through the whole service I felt as though the Rector was talking to me specifically and although I hadn’t been baptised I felt compelled to go to the altar to receive a blessing during communion. During the blessing I felt a powerful energy and then a sense of peace and that started my journey of faith”.

The next few years were a rollercoaster of emotions and at times Gavin struggled with faith. When he and his wife eventually decided their marriage was over and he was left with the prospect of having nowhere to live and no-one to turn to, that’s when God stepped in and told him through a work colleague “I’ll never give you more to cope with than you can handle”. He moved to Chelmsford in September 2015, started an Alpha course at Central Baptist and since then has seen his faith strengthen and deepen. He’s learnt to trust God and the plans he has made.

Gavin has four children and four grand-children and he enjoys hill walking and generally being outdoors.

“I first became aware of CVM when Adam Temple, who lives in the same block as me but who goes to a different church, dropped a leaflet about The Gathering in the lift. I went to The Gathering in June 2017 and immediately knew that Men’s Ministry was where God was calling me to be. I was one of the first group to take the Certificate in Men’s Ministry that CVM runs in conjunction with Cliff College and those two events fired me up to get involved with CVM and help out where I could. My passion is to see the all the churches across Chelmsford work together to extend God’s kingdom and reach out to men who don’t know the saving grace of Jesus Christ”

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