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Father's Day

Father’s Day - 17 June 2018

CVM have teamed up with Home for Good to create a Father’s Day pack titled ‘Not on my Watch’.


The importance of the role of fathers is one which, we at CVM, believe to be a vitally significant one. A role that includes men who may not be dads, but are father figures.


Not on My Watch is a feature-packed online resource that challenges men to make the stand to say ‘not on my watch will we stand idle while children aren’t being cared for’. It’s a resource that reminds us that God himself effectively said ‘not on my watch’ to the human race, allowing all of us the chance to be fathered by Him because of His son Jesus.


With service plan, video stories and more, all accessible to people who ‘don’t do church’, this pack also looks at God’s relationship with us and how He provided a way for everyone to know Him as an intimate father through His son Jesus.


Use the extended version of ‘Not on My Watch’


Not on My Watch contents...

short films

  • ‘Not on My Watch’ - Some men who have fathered the fatherless because that’s what God’s done for us.
  • ‘Not on My Watch’ - Extended Version
  • Father’s Day 2018 animated film - The stuff ‘fathers’ have done.
  • Dad mini-story 1 – Simon
  • Dad mini-story 2 – Jon
  • Dad mini-story 3 – Adam

Father’s Day Service

  • CVM Father's Day Sermon Outline and Plan
  • Home for Good Father's Day Sermon Outline and Plan
  • Father’s Day congregational prayer


Let’s make the most of the opportunity, Father’s Day presents men’s groups and churches.


Founding Fathers

All men have the amazing potential to be great fathers in an increasingly fatherless society.

CVM's book, Founding Fathers, celebrates the importance of the role of fathering at all stages of the journey and offers thinking and help to dads as well men with no children who could still be a key influence to a fatherless generation.

£5 each + £1.50 P&P

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Sorted Magazine

Sorted Magazine is perfect for special outreach events like Father's Day… as well as men's breakfasts, sports events etc. 
Special deal

Get 40 copies for £60. No charge for posting.

(£180 worth of magazines)

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How to download a video.

Click the download link on the CVM website, this will open a new browser within Vimeo, click the "Download" button that appears below the video player. Once you’ve clicked it, a little menu will appear, and depending on what the video's creator has designated, you’ll see links for several different versions of the video, including a mobile, SD, and/or HD file. You’ll need to decide which version of the video you’d like to download, and click to make the magic happen.

Depending on your browser, clicking the link may result in the video playing in a new tab instead of downloading the file to your computer. Don’t panic! If this occurs:

For Windows users: Right-click on the link and choose “Save as” or “Save target as.”
For Mac users: Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click the link, then choose “Save link as” or “Download linked file"


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