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Epic adventure ... for dads and their kids

Moldova: 22 July - 5 August 2017

CVM have teamed up with Mission Direct again to offer dads* the chance to get involved in overseas mission work with the unique feature of being able to take their children** with them.

Moldova is one of the most vulnerable nations in Europe. When you visit here you take a step back in time, working in villages with roads dominated by geese and cows. In the rural communities, winters hit hard and many marginalised people don’t survive them because of inadequate housing.

Working with the local community in a rural town, you’ll help to refurbish houses - restoring dignity and giving life-saving warmth for the winter months. Expect lots of painting and decorating and some light construction – with a lot of distraction from the town’s children!

You’ll also visit and support community projects, such as a play-scheme for children and the MAD centre for disabled children.

At the end of your two-week trip, you’ll travel to the capital city of Chisinau, visiting it’s beautiful Cathedral and historic UNESCo monasteries - some groups have even had a day’s canoeing or exploring the world’s largest wine cellars.

Don’t be fooled by Moldova’s location in Europe; this is truly a cross-cultural experience to remember.

Taking one or more of your children on this trip can be a signifcant milestone in the lives of all invloved. It forges a great environment for dad & kid bonding; it’s an evangelistic experience if child (or even father) is a non believer; it works as a ‘Real World’ reality check for ‘comfortable’ kids and adults; it examples mission to your kids as a way for them to follow; it creates vision and passion, from a young age, for very needy lives and communities.

The cost is £995 per person incl. flights, accommodation, food, insurance, transport etc.

* Dads, grandads, uncles, etc.

** Children age 7+


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