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Don Marshall: Perth

Don Marshall

Don lives just outside Perth having recently relocated back to Scotland after almost 30 years away. He left with next to nothing but came back with a family and Jesus in his heart.

He is married to Cherry who is originally from Sierra Leone in Africa and together they have two children Alasdair and Abigail. Don and Cherry put God at the centre of their marriage and lives.

Don was brought up in a Christian family and although well versed in scripture he struggled with his faith over many years.

At the end of 2016 he met Cherry who was a Born Again Christian, two souls that were brought together by God and they married 6 months later.

Don started going to CLM Church in Coventry with Cherry and after witnessing his first water Baptism he gave his life fully to Christ in October 2016 and was himself Baptised in February 2017.

Don felt a passion and calling for Men’s ministry and helped to get things started at CLM as well as training to be a life coach.

In January 2018 at age 47 he suffered several heart attacks and had Triple Bypass surgery. A difficult time but through Faith he was healed and recovered well. His story is a testimony to how Faith can see you through adversity.

After recovering, God moved in his life and a job offer came from nowhere and every barrier possible removed that ended in Don and his family relocating to Scotland where now, as part of CVM, he will bring the fabulous message of Jesus to men.

Don loves his motorbike, cycling, hillwalking, snowboarding and football and hopes to use these hobbies to help spread the word wherever Men gather.

Don works full-time in eCommerce and is an online specialist, working for a Christian company in Fife. He speaks several languages and loves to travel. He is also a pretty decent cook when he is allowed in the kitchen.

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