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Need some more resources to use for the men’s groups online and in person? We’ve got it sorted!

We realise that with the restrictions now lifting slowly you might be able to meet up in person as a group in small numbers but we wanted to provide some more studies to just support the moment. These can even be used in person to give you some ideas as you meet anyway but might be helpful if you are still using zoom each week.

Just follow the download link to access the free men’s group resource



MK1 was created for lockdown and COVID restrictions.

This 12-week study from CVM is to help you and your men’s group keep meeting up. 



Obviously, the times we are now in are unprecedented and have changed that way we can meet up as CVM groups, so we decided to get busy and resource you guys for this season.



In the study you will find:

  • Instructions for group leaders on setting up a 'Zoom' meeting
  • Our ideas of structuring the meeting
  • Top Tens
  • A relevant study which is good for your non-Christian mates too
  • A chance to invite a guy to share his story on the theme
  • An action point to leave the meeting with
  • As always we suggest having food together and something to drink


To find out more about The Code - see



  • Hope
  • Global Adventure
  • Care
  • Restored
  • New Wine
  • Who Let The Dads Out?
  • Sorted
  • Armed Forces Christian Union
  • Naked Truth Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Faith within Fitness
  • Christian Golf Society
  • Mercy Ships
  • Frontiers
  • Engage
  • Mission Direct
  • Christian Police Association
  • The Message Trust