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Christian Vision for Men

CVM Cambodia

CVM Cambodia

CVM Cambodia

CVM Cambodia grew out of the conviction that Cambodia needs its own version of CVM UK.
The Cambodian church faces the same issues as the UK - how can we:

  • Connect men to Jesus Christ,
  • Encourage men to commit to Him 100%, and then
  • Challenge and mobilise men to take the transforming power of the gospel to their fellow Cambodian men

The need may be the same but the culture is different so we are growing a Cambodian CVM with a Cambodian name – Good Real Men. We are translating and adapting existing CVM resources, as well as creating new material to speak into the Cambodian culture. We remain true to the CVM way of working – men talking to men, men’s groups sharing men’s experiences (dreams, nightmares, problems and solutions) while having a good time together.

Our vision is to see a movement of men bringing transformation to men in Cambodia – and we’re seeing God do it!


Who are we?

Nou VandethNou Vandeth (Deth for short, pronounced Date) has been the Director of Good Real Men since 2013. He brought 10 years of experience and contacts from working with the Youth and Children’s Commissions of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia.



Nou VandethZoran Sulc moved to Cambodia with his wife Margaret in October 2012 as members of Cambodia Action, and joined CVM as an adviser. He focuses on producing biblically based material that will give men's group leaders confidence in discussing the issues that affect men.



We started our work in the capital, Phnom Penh, offering help to churches to start men’s groups. There was a slow response to this but we then received invitations from other organisations including NGOs and Student Dormitories to work with their men. More recently we have been speaking to Christian leaders outside Phnom Penh and have now begun to work in the provinces.

We are equipping them to create effective self-sustaining groups that do not require outside injections of money to keep going. Alongside this we are creating resources for the men's group leaders to use as they encourage men to grow in faith and reach out to their friends.

Although we usually begin by leading new groups ourselves, we are identifying and developing leaders who share our passion for men’s ministry, and who hear God’s call to step up and take responsibility for this work in their area.
In the future we will have men’s ministry facilitators in all major cities in Cambodia who can reach out to the provincial towns and villages around them.

We have held major events that bring leaders and men together to challenge and inspire them to be Good Real Men and we are also using media opportunities on radio and the internet to spread the word.

If you want to find out more information you can contact Deth on - you can also donate to their work through CVM UK by clicking here (please specify CVM Cambodia in the transaction).


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