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The BikeTub Grand Challenge

Over the last few years we have been encouraging members of the CVM team to complete at least one personal ‘grand challenge’ to raise funds (£1,000) to help our work continue.

With the COVID pandemic, CVM, like many charities, is facing an even tougher time than usual financially. We need to encourage all our supporters to dig deep and help us out, so we hope this BikeTub Grand Challenge is going to kickstart an amazing season of fundraising to keep CVM in the game.

As part of the BikeTub Challege CEO Nathan Blackaby and his brother Ben Blackaby will be cycling 400miles, coast-to-coast across the widest point of Great Britain in 5 days. Becasue this didn’t feel like enough of a challenge in itself they decided to up the stakes and add a serious weight element by towing a bloke in a bathtub. Why not hey…

The top secret build is still in the planning and design stages; we’ll be filming the build as it progresses and revealing the finished BikeTub in the new year. We’ll also be filming our training progress and posting it up on social media and our website so you can see just how much work is going into this awesome challenge.

2 Men, 485 Miles & 1 Biketub. Posted by Facebook on 26 February 2021


The challenge starts on the west coast at St Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and cycles across Great Britain, with overnight stops planned at Llandovery, Gloucester, Milton Keynes and Bury St Edmunds, finishing on the east coast at Lowestoft in Suffolk. Averaging about 80 miles each day, it includes a lot of hills!


Final dates are still to be confirmed, but we are aiming for September 2021.

How to get involved?

All donations are very welcome, and anyone who donates £1+ can get a message written on the tub itself. If you want your business / church logo on the tub, you can get a small sticker for a £25 donation, medium for £50, and large for donations of £75+.


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