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Ben Sinclair: Men's Health

Ben grew up in Kent then went North to study Medicine at Leeds where he met his wife Katherine, an Employment Lawyer. They spent 22 years in Yorkshire before relocating to Birmingham in 2018 with their three children.

Ben trained as a GP, then in 2008 they spent some time in Cambodia working with Cambodia Hope Organization teaching charity workers and village leaders basic self-care and first aid, revisiting annually with medical training and treatment teams until young children brought their focus back to the UK.

On return from Cambodia Ben worked as a GP by day, and by night provided emergency GP services. He taught medical students, emergency practitioners and nurse practitioners/prescribers.

He founded an innovative healthcare consultancy in 2009 working with the corporate sector, aimed at improving access to healthcare for hard to reach groups such as working age men. At this time he developed the Integrated Health Pyramid – a visual paradigm to help patients understand how all areas of health, life and spirituality can be held in linked equilibrium; and where to seek solutions to health problems.

In 2012 he became Lead GP at HMP Lindholme near Doncaster and worked in the high secure estate, serving prisoners in a clinical and management role within prison medical services. He went on to lead Remote Agile GP services for Spectrum a CIC pioneering secure telemedicine over 14 secure sites in the North.

Ben co-founded a private general practise in York in 2015, then felt the draw to move south closer to family and chose Birmingham for his next venture The Optimise Health Clinic, opening two private general practise clinics in the centre of Birmingham offering convenient integrated healthcare for busy working people.

As a GP with a special interest in Men's Health he has appreciated being associated with CVM as the largest network of Christian men in the UK, which happened to be founded by his father Max Sinclair. He has written for Sorted, Scratch and Liberti Magazines as the resident doctor and has a blog providing information on common men’s health issues. Click here for his full LinkedIn profile.

Ben is interested in opportunities for men's health promotion to audiences of 30 or more in the Midlands area and often speaks at such events.

Please call 0121 396 1323 to get in touch, or email.

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