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Ben Griffiths: Portsmouth

 Ben Griffiths

Looking back on my life I can now see where God was working, however at the time I was blind to it!

I grew up with my brother, never really being 'fussed' about religion – mum would take us to the Christingle and Nativity services at the local church but that was as far as it went. When I met my (now) wife she had told me that she was a Christian and I accepted that and would happily wave her and the children off to church on a Sunday morning. One day, over 4 years ago, my toddler son asked if we could go to church one day – and from that moment onwards it has been a real whirlwind!

I live with my wife and 6 children and we regularly worship at North End Baptist Church in Portsmouth. I lead the Men's Ministry at the church, I have recently set up a new Dad's ministry (Who Let The Dads Out?), am heavily involved in the AV operations, as well as being a Bible reader!

I have also recently qualified as a Street Pastor and Response Pastor and I feel if Jesus was around physically here today he would definitely be a Street Pastor – he would be out on the streets sharing his love with the people that need it.
I am really excited to be the Area Coordinator for Portsmouth for CVM as I feel this is a real calling from God to be able to introduce men from our local community into the Kingdom!

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