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Andy Shaw: Ashfield

Andy Shaw

Born into a Christian family in 1986, Andy had a good upbringing but one that was fraught with a fragile relationship with his father who suffered with depression for a short period of time, but after that they never really saw eye to eye.

Andy is married to Amy and they have 4 daughters Naomi, Phoebe , and identical twins Lily and Bella.
Andy has always had a good Christian grounding, went to All Saints Church Huthwaite from a young age, and had had many encounters with Jesus Christ, helping out with the church youth group in his mid teens.

In 2009 Andy and Amy suffered heartbreak when their twins became very ill whilst Amy was pregnant.  This resulted in Amy losing Lily before birth and Bella being significantly affected medically.  This experience really tested Andy and Amy’s ability to trust anybody, resulting in Andy turning his back on God, feeling incredibly “let down.”

Andy tried to carry everyone during this time but in turn forgot about himself, which led him down a path of destruction consisting of alcohol, drugs and violence, almost ending up with a custodial sentence for GBH.  He owned his own business running a gym and outwardly everything looked brilliant but Andy knew he was filling a space in his life with things that were not fulfilling, extremely far from it.

All this time Amy had been committed to taking their daughters to church with Andy attending only on his terms to keep Amy quiet.
Andy really sensed God’s presence in 2014 after a group of younger adults in the church wanted to get the fire moving within All Saints.  He realised that God didn’t want him to be a background part in the changes but he wanted Andy to spearhead what was going to become the men’s ministry.

Since then, Andy has supported and helped set up a team of people, supporting adults between the ages of 18-45, creating opportunities to really encounter the Lord.  He is an active male mentor within the church organising men’s study groups, men’s nights and breakfasts, and helping out at Alpha courses.

Andy has a real passion for people and he has finally found that missing piece in his life that he tried to fill for so long…. our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has found his Father in Heaven again and learnt to trust him with all his heart and not only that he is best mates with his dad to.

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