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Andy Caldecott: Bury St Edmunds

Andrew CaldecottDo we ever know where our Christian Life is leading us? I didn’t - even when I gave what I thought was my life to Jesus in 2001 – NO CHANGE!

What’s this stuff all about? I even went to a CVM day in Leamington Spa (with Richard Meryon and Carl Beech). No change (still). Divorce six plus years ago, No Change BUT Church and (what I now appreciate is my) FAITH gave me something – strength. Reflecting back on this difficult and lonely period, if I hadn’t had Church and that Faith I wouldn’t be here now.

So we don’t know where life is leading us – why did CVM come into my life? Why have I a passion to bring Men to walk with Jesus? Even though 2001 was significant, Winter 2015 seems to have been an awakening – I woke up to Jesus. Why, I don’t know. When, I can’t be specific BUT CVM became very significant. 

By becoming AC for Bury St Edmunds doors have opened, because of CVM – I am not afraid to talk about my faith, how having Jesus in my everyday, gives me great strength and determination.

So if He can do this for me, I pray that others can see positives where negatives seem overpowering.

The greatest ‘feeling’ from the strength of my Faith is the knowledge that through all modern day agro, pressures and hassles GOD LOVES ME.

I can go on but if you want the full story – invite me to speak at you Mens event. (I’m very partial to a Full English).

As Simon P says ‘the greatest pleasure and reward in CVM’ is to see just ONE bloke experience a long lasting, solid relationship with our God. A Million Men Walking with Jesus


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