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Christmas Appeal

“The Gathering helped bring my husband home”

This Christmas, we are asking if you could send a donation to help us introduce more men to Jesus?

Your support will help us introduce men to Jesus and see a nation transformed through the Gospel.

Men like Andy ...

Andy had a fiery temper and felt lost and purposeless. His anger made family life a nightmare. Andy's wife, Amy recalls that "I was walking on eggshells, all the time, waiting to see what mood he would come home in."

Andy's drinking, late-night altercations and drug abuse left him facing a prison sentence and contemplating suicide. But, Andy met up with an old friend who invited him to The Gathering. That was when Andy's life really started to change.

"My friend prayed for me during the Saturday worship, I came over with this intense feeling of emotion. I went to my friend like a young kid going to see his dad... I just broke down in tears. "

Amy remembers the moment Andy came home. "I knew something had happened," she said. "Andy had a light in his eyes and a peace about him that I had not seen before." Today, the couple are celebrating their healthy marriage and family together - and are looking forward to the next chapter with God at the centre.

This is how lives can change when men like Andy encounter the Gospel through the movement of CVM.

Around 100 men gave their lives to Christ at The Gathering this year and another 100 re-committed themselves to Jesus. That's potentially 100 families impacted with the gospel, in a country where we are seeing the highest rates of family breakdown in the developing world.

The movement we've created works. We just need to open it up to even more men across the UK. That's where you can make a difference this Christmas.


Please, will you send a donation so other men will have the opportunity you've had to meet Jesus?


You can give via a few simple ways from here:


(you will receive confirmation and a text with a form for Gift Aid to add an extra 25% to the gift if you're a UK tax payer. Texts cost £10 plus network charge. CVM receives 100% of your donation. Obtain the bill payer's permission.)


Your support, especially at this time of year, means everything.

Thanks so much - and have a great Christmas.

In Christ,

Nathan Blackaby & Carl Beech



*7 Reasons Your Church Needs More Men, Harry Benson.

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