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Rawfaith's Frequently Asked Questions

How did Rawfaith come about?

Rawfaith was the brainchild of Jon Burns of Raw Faith and has been operating successfully in the north east for many years. Christian Vision for Men (CVM) partnered to relaunch Rawfaith nationally in June 2015.

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What is your vision?

Our vision is to see an active Christian presence at the heart of every fan base around the UK. This Christian group can meet physically and/or communicate via social media.

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How did you start?

We began with football in 2015 and have expanded to rugby in 2016. All sports are welcome to engage with the programme.

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How does it work?

Christian fans sign up to Rawfaith and in response we link them up with other Christian fans who support their club or nation. We do this is by appointing either an individual or a small group of people to take responsibility of their club’s Christian supporters. The Co-ordinator is responsible for leading a team that could organise outreach events, match day meet ups, socials and prayer mail whilst being a point of contact between the group and Rawfaith. Each club is different and Co-ordinators do not need to go to games.

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So what happens when people sign up?

Four key things happen when you sign on for your club or national team:

  • Get linked in with your club’s coordinator and other Christian fans.
  • Receive our regular faith articles that combine hot sporting topics and faith in Jesus.
  • Receive Rawfaith e-communications to keep you informed of any events/news regarding your favourite club/national team
  • You are encouraged to use your sporting passion for appropriate outreach

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What's the point of Rawfaith groups?

Rawfaith groups act as an outreach mechanism for fans, helping you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with your fellow supporters. Being involved with Rawfaith and part of your team's group is one of the best ways to enhance your match day and all round supporter experience. In addition Rawfaith provides encouragement and resources to aid evangelism to your supporter contacts and friends.

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Give me an example of how these groups function?

With each group comes different needs and as result we have found that the ministry at each club varies from group to group. For example, at Bolton Wanderers they organise an occasional pre-match event held at the stadium that includes a quiz, fun facts and a gospel talk. In contrast, at Gosport Borough FC our coordinator has a designated area where he and other Christians gather before the game to pray and encourage each other in their faith. Because we are new many of our groups do not yet have a coordinator, could it be you? The co-ordinator is somebody who has a heart for their clubs’ Christian supporters and will organise things like: socials, outreach events, club specific prayer emails, Facebook chats etc.

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Why do you feel it is important to specifically target men?

As a ministry the vision of CVM is to see men come to know Christ. CVM have provided Rawfaith a means to grow to see our vision of a Christian presence at the heart of every fan base achieved. As a result, we predominantly have male involvement. 

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Can Women join?

Yes, we are not exclusively for men and do encourage the involvement of women too, as many have already done. If you or any other female fans wish to join your club’s Christian supporters group, please do, that will be great.

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Can we book somebody to speak about Rawfaith?

If you have any further questions or would like to book somebody at Rawfaith to come and share more about the vision then please contact

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