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Week in week out, thousands of us either plod down to our local stadium, meet up with mates in the pub, or slouch into the sofa ready to watch our beloved teams battle it out for points and the possibility of a trophy or two. At Rawfaith we have a vision to see an active Christian presence at the heart of every fan base with the specific aim of reaching out to not yet believing supporters. Offering a number of ways to combine faith in Jesus with supporting a team, Rawfaith focuses on when fans gather to support their team.

We believe that by switching our main focus from the match before us, with those sat/stood around us, we can impact the world of sport at its heart - with the fans. By all means enjoy the game!  But be intentional with your faith; look to stand out to those around you; be a counter cultural fan – be the one that doesn’t call the ref an expletive word when he makes a bad decision, the person who doesn’t go too far when baiting the opposition fans, the fan who looks for the positives not the negatives in the game.

What for? Well, it’s for the guy sat two rows down from you who gets a pie every game 5 minutes before half time, or that person sat 5 seats behind and 3 to the left who doesn’t know the difference between a swear word and a compliment. Those fans. They are the ones we have to combine our faith and sport for. With the help of God, and with your involvement in Rawfaith, they could also be the ones who, a few years down the line, will not only be sat around you in the stadium/pub/sofa, but also on Sunday mornings. In the same way as you dig in deep during what may turn out to be your team’s record breaking losing streak, dig in deeper now in anticipation for what God has in store for you through the sport you love.  

This new strategy links Christian supporters together, communicating via Facebook groups and email. Rawfaith coordinators will organise outreach events, match day meet ups, socials and prayer mail. Fans of all teams also meet up to watch live games together. A testimony, talk or a review of controversial incidents is delivered from a Christian perspective to help open up meaningful conversations.

Sign up and get linked in with other Christians at your club or why not apply to be your team's coordinator - every club needs one, and it could be you!  Whether you are a hardened season ticket holder or like to support your team from the comfort of a sofa, Rawfaith is here to help you share the good news of Jesus Christ with fans everywhere.

What happens when you sign up?

  • Receive our 'Faith+Sport Articles' that provide a biblical reflection using hot topics and terms specific to your sport.
  • Receive e-communications about any events/news relevant to you.
  • Be linked in with other Christian supporters of your sport and club.
  • Be linked in with other Christians who love sport in your area.

“Sport, we love it! So let’s introduce 1,000,000 men to Jesus using it! If you’re a sports fan and want to tell your mates about Jesus, then be part of the CVM movement, check out Rawfaith”

Nathan Blackaby,

CVM Exec. Director of Ministry


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