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Nigel Baldwin: Southend

Nigel BaldwinNigel had a good career ahead of him as a British Army Infantry Soldier until one fateful night in Jan 1989 whilst returning to duty in Northern Ireland, his plane came down on the M1 motorway killing 47 of his fellow passengers.

In the aftermath of this tragic accident, with physical injuries as well as acute post traumatic stress syndrome Nigel's life went downhill as his wife took her own life, not able to cope with the tragedy that had hit them.

Now barely clinging on to life, daily using drugs and mostly alcohol to suppress the pain and anguish of his smashed up life, he met and married Regan and they, with their children, moved to Spain where Nigel heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Within weeks Nigel was set free from all his addictions and as time has gone by has been set free from all the physical and psychological injuries suffered during his service years and in the crash.

Jesus set Nigel on a path of understanding of His will for his life that has taken him to the far corners of Great Britain and other European countries, as well as South Africa, on an evangelical mission to share God's testimony in transforming his life.

Most recently he returned to Northern Ireland for the first time since he left that country in the early 90's.

God has put a deep love for all people in His heart, especially men's ministry and feels blessed to be part of what God has planned for CVM.


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