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Alan Stuart: Nottingham

Alan Stuart

After 8 years in the printing industry, I joined the Nottinghamshire Police in 1972. I served for over 30 years reaching the position of Local Area Commander for my local town of Arnold. I became a Christian through a Police colleague 25 years ago and saw opportunities for my faith to be used in a very positive and direct way. I started the Christian Police Fellowship with another officer; I assisted in setting up a Force Chaplaincy team and, the most ambitious project, to set up the Police and Arnold Churches Together project. This was aimed at youth crime had many facets, the most noticed, and the one that attracted media attention, was that I would send out prayer requests for current crime issues and then give feedback when the prayers were answered. This received a lot of publicity at the time and even got in the national news. The one quite remarkable statistic was that the juvenile offending rate i.e. the number of young people actually committing crime over a 4-year period was down 40%. This went against all trends both in the Nottinghamshire force area and nationally. I retired from the Police 12 years ago and have had 2 other jobs since then but in June 2014 I decided to retire completely.

I am married with 3 sons and we spend a lot of our time visiting them as they all live away from home. I am a Lay Reader at my local Anglican church, St. Mark’s Woodthorpe, where I regularly lead and preach at services. I helped to set up and run our men’s group about 5 years ago and find it both rewarding and challenging. I am also the PCC Secretary and look after our web sites. I like to keep myself busy and am looking forward to this new chapter of my life with CVM.


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